Sat May 26 2018

Time2Do After School Club

St Andrew’s School runs an after school club, because it understands that people have busy lives; and if childcare is easy to arrange, good value and convenient, it is one less thing to worry about.

The high quality club is led by a qualified teacher and trained staff (all of whom are fully DBS checked), and supported by the head and governing body. It runs from 3pm until 5.30pm from Monday to Friday, whenever the school is open. Bookings can be made in advance via the school office (01747 811500), or email address , or on the day before 2.00pm (providing there is space) using the office phone, 01747 811500. 


Time slot

One child

Two children (from same family)

1 hour




2 hours




 2 and a half hours





Welcome to Time2Do


The after school club at St Andrew’s School is called Time2Do. It is Ofsted registered and accepts Childcare vouchers.

Our aims are:

  • To make our club genuinely accessible to all families with children attending St Andrew’s Primary School.

  • To provide an opportunity for children to socialize out of school.

  • To provide a range of creative, physical and child centred play activities in a comfortable, familiar and safe environment following guidelines and standards which are set out by Ofsted.

The Club is available for children aged 4 to 11 years old.

Where is Time2Do held

The Club is currently based in the mobile classroom, and has easy access to the playground.  A member of staff always supervises the children during outside play.

Activities at the Club

Our programme of activities places emphasis on providing a safe and fun environment, and aims to be creative, stimulating, fun and varied. Each child is encouraged to make choices in their play activities in order to promote independence and self-esteem.

Our weekly program of activities may include:

  • Tailor made Arts and Crafts

  • Lots of healthy outdoor running about (sometimes sports/team games, sometimes woodland play).

  • Painting

  • Construction toys

  • Book club

  • Music

  • Board Games and puzzles

We also provide a quiet area for children to relax, read, watch a DVD occasionally or do homework. Homework will be supervised, so that your child can enjoy family time with you when at home.


Children will be offered a healthy snack (usually fresh fruit or vegetables) and a drink when they arrive and then later on some toast to keep them going until home time.


The club is registered with Ofsted, registration number 113800.  Parents are encouraged to read the club policies which are held at the club base in the Year 6 Classroom.

In the meantime if you need any information about the Time2Do After School Club please contact Vanessa Orton in the School Office (01747 811500).  We operate an open door policy at St Andrew’s, and we are always happy to help with queries, concerns or compliments!


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